Step into a Sweet Wonderland at Harajuku Candy: A Haven for Candy Lovers!

Welcome to Harajuku Candy, the ultimate destination for candy enthusiasts and collectors of limited edition Japanese goodies. Nestled in the heart of Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Tokyo's most vibrant and colorfully animated district, our shop promises an unforgettable sensory experience. Prepare to embark on a delightful journey through a cornucopia of quality imported candies, mouth-watering treats by weight, and a jaw-dropping collection of Funko Pop items.

Unleash your Sweet Tooth:
At Harajuku Candy, we pride ourselves on curating an exquisite selection of imported candies that will transport you to a world of sugar-coated delights. From delectable chocolates to tantalizing gummies from the far corners of the globe, our diverse range of confections ensures that every visit will excite your taste buds. Taste the velvety decadence of Swiss chocolate or savor the fruity explosion of American treats - the choice is yours!

Japanese Candy Galore:
Japan is renowned for its innovation when it comes to candy, and we've brought it all under one roof at Harajuku Candy. As procurers of limited edition Japanese candies, we offer you the chance to indulge in the trendiest and most sought-after confections available only to the lucky few. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the whimsy and flavor-packed wonder of these exclusive treats that have captivated candy lovers worldwide.

Candy by Weight:
For those who wish to handpick their favorite candies, we offer a unique experience where you can tailor your treat selection to your heart's desire. Explore our wide variety of sweets, handpick your favorites, and weigh them to create your very own custom candy bag. Whether you're gifting others or treating yourself, the possibilities are endless!

Funko Pop Heaven:
If collecting Funko Pop figures is your passion, then Harajuku Candy is about to become your personal paradise. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of these adorable and highly collectible vinyl figurines that span a multitude of beloved franchises. From pop culture icons to characters from your favorite movies, TV shows, and comics, our extensive Funko Pop collection is sure to satisfy every collector's craving.

Join Us in Vibrant Harajuku:
As you step foot into our shop, you will instantly feel the electric energy that Harajuku is famous for. The surrounding area thrives with fashion-forward shops, trendy cafes, and cutting-edge street fashion that attract fashionistas from all corners of the globe. After filling your bag with our delightful treats and stunning Funko Pop figures, take a leisurely stroll down Takeshita Street, immersing yourself in the vibrant soul of Harajuku.

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At Harajuku Candy, we delight in bringing joy to candy enthusiasts by offering an unparalleled selection of imported delicacies, limited edition Japanese candies, candy by weight, and the latest Funko Pop releases. Let us be your gateway to a world filled with sweetness, color, and pure serendipity. Visit us at our central location on Takeshita Street, Harajuku, and embark on a fantastical journey that will satisfy your cravings and ignite your imagination. Hurry, your sweet adventure awaits!